If you're looking for a professional, friendly telephone answering service, with straight-forward instructions and pricing to match, our Essential call plans are just for you!

For a flat rate of just £1 per call, you can have your calls handled by your very own Best Receptionists.

Your calls will still be answered in your company's name by a live receptionist, who will either transfer the call to you or take a message consisting of the callers' name, number, company (if applicable) and what the call is regarding. Messages will be sent to you in real-time.

Essential Call Plan Pricing;

We've kept it simple - your monthly call plan reflects the number of contacts* in your organisation (for more than 40 contacts, please call for a bespoke call plan)

Up to 10 Contacts

30 Inclusive calls

£1.00 per extra call

Call plan £30 p/m

Up to 20 Contacts

90 Inclusive calls

£1.00 per extra call

Call plan £90 p/m

Up to 40 Contacts

150 Inclusive calls

£1.00 per extra call

Call plan £150 p/m

More than 40 Contacts?

Please call us to discuss

bespoke options for you

0800 0430084

* Contacts can be named individuals and/or call types - for example; "Fred", "Accounts" or "New Enquiries"

For more details of what is included in our Essential Call Plans, please see below. Alternatively, please click here to compare with our other plan types.


  • Free Set-Up of your own script
  • Calls Answered in Your Company's Name?
  • Name, Number, Company & Message Obtained from Callers
  • In-house Receptionists
  • Call Patching / Transferring**
  • Message Taking - Sent in Real Time
  • Messages by SMS (10p per SMS)
  • Daily/Weekly/Monthly Call Summaries

** Transfer rates apply to cover cost of call: £0.03-£0.10 to UK Landlines, £0.20 to UK Mobiles. Rates to international numbers available upon request.

Call us now on 01992 531000 or contact us via here to find out more about our free trial