If you receive a high volume of calls that need to be correctly routed to individuals or departments within your organisation, Best Reception's switchboard service is for you.

We provide you with a fully functioning, integrated switchboard to compliment or replace your existing infrastructure.

You don't even need a physical switchboard or even a main phone line: We can provide you with everything you need!

Your calls will be answered in your company’s name, using a greeting of your choosing and your callers will usually be completely unaware that the receptionist is not based within your organisation.

Calls can be transferred to individuals, teams and departments anywhere in the world and/or messages taken and emailed to the relevant person(s).

  • All calls will be ‘announced’ prior to transfer – so the recipient can choose whether to accept the call, or have a message taken
  • Calls can be transferred based on name, job title, department or team
  • Messages emailed for non-transferred calls (typically callers’ name, company, number and what the call is regarding)
  • Where provided, staff movement/availability will be applied so their calls are re-directed as required
  • Cold-callers can be blocked free of charge or at a highly discounted rate (dependent on the volume received).

Our Switchboard call plans are below – but you're welcome to try our service for free prior to deciding on any call plan. Please click here or call 01992 531000 for more information.

330 Inclusive calls

£1.20 per extra call

£400 per month

540 Inclusive calls

£1.10 per extra call

£600 per month

900 Inclusive calls

£1.00 per extra call

£900 per month

1,900 Inclusive calls

£0.90 per extra call

Call plan £1,800 p/m

4,000 Inclusive calls

£0.90 per extra call

Call plan £3,600 p/m

* Call transfer rates for Switchboard services are just 3p per minute to UK landlines and 10p per minute to UK Mobiles (per second billing). For international transfer rates, please call +44 1992 531000